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Sun & Moon Pack

Sun & Moon Pack

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These are just like our normal bent-Box except WAY better -
The first one is UV reactive filament that will change from white to light purple in the sun.
The Second one is glow in the dark filament and will glow neon green at nighttime.
These do come in pack together and will be set up with the lid colors as pictured. 
Compact your stash and accessories into a modern functional form factor container...

bent-Box comes in various lid and body color combinations, pick from one of the standard combos or save a few buck$ and let us pick somethingok signreally nice!
  • Stash Trap and Stash Well
  • Bic Mini bin (lighter options available) or Doob Tube bin
  • Pipe bin (standard 78 mm bat / one hitter included)
  • Lid color will be random unless you leave us a note on your order 


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