Comfort fitting to your pocket like a flask, and barely bigger than a post it.


better get Bent ...

it's called bent "dash" Box

and now, bent-Box has an all-in-one ~ The Canister Kit ~

the bent-Box "Travel Kit"

The Canister Kit

All-in-one, everything you would need in a durable bent-Box "Canister Kit". Take it anywhere without worrying about breaking it.

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"a bent-Box can help you make your stash last longer"

We all really like green 😉, But don’t worry there are other colors too!

  • several features you can’t see from the outside

    • Stash trap — it won’t spill
    • Stash well — when your stash is low you can get it all in one spot
  • Doob Tube + Dugout

    Choose to use storage for a few doobs

  • Dugout + mini-Bic storage

    Choose to use storage for a mini-Bic

StonerGump and the Gump'lings

The StonerGump Total Package 💯 is the 🆕 way to 📦. Everything you need, all in one place.

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